Configurator Motion Control Kinetix

Kinetix 5100

The Kinetix 5100 servo drive is suitable for small to medium sized applications. It offers users 10 freely programmable digital inputs, STO (motor torque off) function, auto-tuning function and dual EtherNet/IP port. It is programmed via the KNX5100C software, which is completely free of charge. It offers a choice of stand-alone control, control via Micro800 or Logix systems, depending on customer requirements.

  • Power: 0.4 - 15.0 kW
  • Voltage: 120V/230V x 480V
  • Indexing function (up to 99).
  • More comprehensive power range than comparable solutions.
  • Easily integrates into Logix applications with specially designed AOIs.

Kinetix 5300

The Kinetix 5300 servo drive is designed for small and medium applications. Features include dual Ethernet/IP port, STO (torque off) function, auto-tuning function and more. The Kinetix 5300 is smaller in size in most applications - a direct replacement option with minimal panel redesign. Supports CIP Motion. Supports MP and TL/Y series motors. Cables up to 50m in length can be purchased in a variety of variations.

  • Power: 0.4 – 14.70 kW
  • Voltage: 120V/230V x 480V
  • CIP Security
  • DLR (device level ring) support
  • Support for other motor types used with Ultra 3000.

Kinetix 5500

The Kinetix 5500 servo drive is a single axis servo drive supporting CIP Motion designed for medium to mid-size applications. Features include a dual Ethernet/IP port, safety features up to SIL3/PLe Network Safe Torque Off, shared DC bus, advanced auto-tuning features and VP motor support. Single cable technology for VP motors will simplify wiring, save space and also save money.

  • Power: 0.3 – 14.6 kW kW
  • Voltage: 1 a 3 fázový 190 - 528 VAC x 3 fázový 190 - 528 VAC
  • Up to half the size of comparable solutions.
  • With a common AC/DC bus, power consumption can be reduced by up to half.

Kinetix 5700

The Kinetix 5700 servo drive extends the range of Ethernet/IP integrated positioning control for multi-axis applications, complex machines and lines. The servo drives are offered as single or dual axis modules up to 60kW. It offers dual Ethernet/IP ports, realtime debugging technology, integrated safety over Ethernet/IP (STO, Timed Safe Stop 1, Monitored Safe Stop 1), VP motor support and more. The option to incorporate CIP Safety over EtherNet/IP Absolute Encoders, which feature high safety, IP67 protection, dual Ethernet ports and a fixed shaft with pen. The single cable technology of the VP motors will simplify wiring, save space and also save money.

  • Power: 1.6 – 60 kW
  • Voltage: 230V x 400V
  • Innovative common AC/DC bus helps reduce hardware, installation time and cost.
  • Cost savings due to smaller cabinets and smaller machine size.
  • Faster machine commissioning and faster time to market.