Configurator Servomotors

VPL motors

Kinetix VP Low Inertia motors are built on proven MP motor technology for dynamic performance, including digital feedback that provides real-time motor information to the control system. They are designed for the Kinetix 5500 and Kinetix 5700. A single cable is used for feedback, power and brake. Shaft seal option for environments where IP66 is required. Absolute feedback capability with up to 25 bit resolution.

MPL motors

MPL servomotors are high performance brushless motors. They are designed to meet the demanding requirements of high performance motion systems. They support all servo drive series. Power supply 230V and 460V, continuous torque 0.2 - 150 Nm. A range of feedback options are available, both absolute and incremental high resolution feedback.

TLP motors

TLP servomotors are an economical solution for machine builders with a wide range of applications. They support the Kinetix 5100 and Kinetix 5300 series servo drives. Shaft sealing option for environments where IP65 is required. Provide power output of 0.05kW - 15kW, continuous torque of 0.16Nm - 95Nm. 200V and 400V power supply. Both single-turn and multi-turn absolute feedback capability with 24 bit resolution.